With limited skills in painting and drawing, photography has given me the opportunity to express my creative visions.  


 All  surreal storytelling prints are put together using my own photos from all over WA Australia. 

Chances are you may recognise some subjects in my work and my plan is to travel Australia taking  photos of iconic places to tell my stories with.

Both nature and surreal prints are on fine art paper made to standart size (A4, A3, A2) for convenient framing.  It is your choice to buy an inexpensive one from many outlets or get one specifically made up.

I don't do framing or supply frames.




Todd Cleave Photography.

moon print.jpg

As a young boy, way before the digital era, I loved visting the library and losing myself in those big black and white photography books. Each page displaying just one image of anything ranging from the war, the great depression, street photography of the 50s and 60s, and  more.

I would get lost in an image, putting myself into that person's place, feeling the moment, all the emotions the person might have been feeling, be it happy or sad .

That's where I believe the seed was planted, but it would take many more years before I even owned my very first camera.


Fast forward  35 years  and it finally happened!

My passion to learn photography was ignited!

Day and night I put my heart and soul into learning how to use a camera and  how to edit. YouTube was my university and determination was my drive. To be honest, before I purchased my very first camera I was so naive i didn't even know you could change lenses. That should sum up how much I knew.


Please take a tour through my website. You will find photos of birds and also get an insight into my imagination through visual story telling.


Todd Cleave.



if it takes a thousand shots to
get that one great shot,
then it's all worth it.


Todd cleave.